Cliven Bundy is not a racist

Leave Cliven Bundy Alone

He meant that The Negro would be better off as a slave in the progressive way.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy said Thursday he is “not racist,” following an outcry over comments, in which he suggested blacks might be “better off as slaves” in a New York Times article, that were also captured on video.

Bundy told conservative radio host Alex Jones that the New York Times is “making it a racist-type thing. I’m not racist,” according to Talking Points Memo.

Why is everyone trying so hard to construe his innocent observation that The Negro would be better of as a slave than taking government subsidies as racist? As it says on his Facebook page:

There are new rumors going around about Cliven. We all know that with the media, words are taken out of context, meanings are twisted, and they can take anything and turn it into what they want it to be. Cliven is a good man, he loves all people, he is not a racist man. He wants what is best for everyone.

Exactly. Out of context. You can see that clearly right here.

I encourage everyone to stop listening to the libelous chatter of the liberal media and focus on what really matters here, which is the plight of The Negro who is being enslaved by government subsidies. Which is totally not like grazing your cattle on government land for free.

Jesus is coming, and he’s used to being taken out of context.

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