Online dating notes: clearing up some OK Cupid confusion

I got a nice note from a woman earlier today on OK Cupid. She thought I looked interesting and wanted to take a shot, although she wasn’t 100% clear on what I meant with my answer to one question. There’s a section at the bottom of the profile where you have to fill this out.

OKC boxAs you can see, I selected “near me.” She wondered if that included where she lived, which is Northern Idaho. Best case scenario, she’s in Coeur d’Alene, which is a 4.5 hour drive. This has happened before, too. When I lived in Denver I’d occasionally get notes from women as far away as Wyoming and Kansas.

So, to clarify, if you’re checking me out on OKC, when I say “near me” I’m more talking “in my city” than “in my solar system.”

Also, in case you ever hear me talking about wanting to meet a woman in my “age range,” I’m probably referring to “40-55” and not “holocene.”

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