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The updated 2014 Reading List

Because books are – well, books…

Books and more books (image courtesy

Well, I’m already expanding the 2014 reading list. My wife, the artist Lea Booth, is partly to blame. She’s not just an enabler, she’s a fellow addict for reading, and she’s the one who, late last week, suggested that we stop by our favorite used book store.  So we ended up with new titles which I’ll describe briefly below – and an expanded reading list that will make colleagues and fellow reading addicts like my pal wufnik happy.

So below you’ll see the new additions to the list – and a few comments about each and a surprise concerning one of them. If you have any thoughts – or want to add to my workload, feel free to comment.

The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic – Terry Pratchett. At the continued behest (read: badgering) of my colleagues at Scholars and Rogues I took the plunge and bought a copy of the graphic novel versions of these two works from the DiscWorld series. I’ve already read these (I come from the Boomer comic book generation) and will post a review later this week.

Cold Mountain – I live in the mountains of NC, and a dear departed friend of mine was a colleague of the author, Charles Frazier. At the time of the novel’s great popularity I was tempted to read this, but my better angels saved me (that and the fact that the friend who was to lend me her copy loaned it to someone else and never saw it again). I have seen the film – not impressed. We shall see about the novel….

The Survival of the Bark Canoe – John McPhee. I will read anything, repeat, anything by America’s finest nonfiction writer. Looking forward to enjoying this little volume.

Atonement – Ian McEwan. Saw this in the film version, too, already. Liked the film – and thought the plot was clever enough – but litfic is all about clever plots and devices these days. I will be interested to see how McEwan stacks up against some of the other litfic luminaries on this year’s list.

So that’s the expanded list -so far. I’m watching less and reading more this year, so expect further updates.

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  1. Atonement is on my pile too. Hated Saturday, but Mrs W tells me that Atonement is very good. We’ll see.

    • Well, at least the film was good. I’m going in with that mindset, Wufnik. But your bad experience with another of his works now gives me pause….