Reducing Newtown to “little convenient massacre” proves inconvenient for conservative NY Post commentator

On Monday, New York Post columnist Fredric Dicker made one of those huge gaffes for which conservatives are famous. Rival New York Daily News reports:

The remark came while Dicker was discussing Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State address [on an Albany talk-radio show]. The subject turned to the governor’s SAFE Act gun-control legislation, passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

“That was his anti-gun legislation, which he had promised not to do, but then he had a little convenient massacre that went on in Newtown, Conn., and all of a sudden there was an opportunity for him,” Dicker said.

You can imagine the outrage with which the words that were italicized was met, especially by Newtown victims’ families. But when Dicker tried to explain himself, he only added insult to injury and dug a deeper hole for himself.

“This group clearly doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to understand, my point, which is a sarcastic reference to the governor latching on to an horrendous out-of-state mass killing to advance a political agenda that had nothing to do with the problem of gun-related crime in New York,” Dicker said.

Could his rationalization have been more condescending? Are you that arrogant, Mr. Dicker, that you think those of who aren’t enlightened conservatives like you can only apprehend one adjective at a time, in this case “little”? On the contrary: I’m sure it’s pretty clear to anyone exposed to his words that, by “convenient,” Dicker means “to advance a political agenda,” even if we may not have known what, specifically, it was.

Come to think of it, it’s not Newtown, but Dicker’s remarks, that are “convenient” ― as a pretext to get him fired.

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