Why I’m rooting for Auburn

I hope Auburn wins. I know how much it will mean to everyone in Alabama.

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  1. Yes, Auburn’s loss means every non-Auburn fan in the state (which is pretty much everyone not in Plains, Alabama) is happy and I hate to see that, but for the overall balance of the universe, it’s a good thing.

    1. This should shut up some of those obnoxious SEC, SEC chants. It’s goofy to root for a conference. What’s really going on is the chant is another manifestation of southern aggressiveness. Regional parochialism at it’s worst.
    2. Auburn and FSU both recruit against Georgia, but Auburn seems to get more of the guys we want. With Rodney Gardner over there, two championships in three years would be too much to go up against.
    3. Mahlzan doesn’s deserve to win another nationl championship and get a plush gig in the NFL. If he hadn’t suppressed the viral video of his wife going all crazy on a Christian talk show, maybe I’d be more charitable towards him, but I cant respect a coward.
    4. Auburn’s been winning on bullshit last-second goofy plays the whole year–Georgia, Alabama. I love the idea that they got crushed in the same way.

    So as much as it hurts to see all those Nick Satan acolytes smiling, it’s better than the alternative.

    By the way, one thing the bowls tend to do is to expose frauds who run up gaudy records against weak competition.

    1. If my count is right, the REAL SEC was 3-3 in bowl games. It’s only 5-3 because two recent imports from the Big 12 won their games.
    2. Baylor? Texas? Texas Tech? Really?
    3. Ohio State had won 24 straight (or whatever) until it actually played two decent teams, whereupon it immediately lost two games. Exactly what happened before the streak when they played a decent team.
    4. AJ McCarron? Derek Carr? Really?
    5. FSU got lucky. Yes, they won, but barely and against a team that should have been 8-4 and finished in the middle of the conference. The ACC is still a joke.

  2. let me rephrase. “quality of play in the acc remains a joke, as the acc’s focus on basketball and academics places it at a decided disadvantage to other conferences.”

    except clemson, which takes an sec approach to education.