10-second beer review: Barrel-aged Black Lager from Elliott Bay Brewing

Okay, so I’m a pimp for Elliott Bay. But this lager is  incredible.

Rich, although not as heavy as a stout, and aged in Heaven Hills bourbon casks.

The result is a sour robust enough for the snob (in the house!) but not one that will weigh you down if you prefer lighter body beers (although the ABV may well kick your ass).

Grade: A

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  1. some day maybe i can try it, it sounds wonderful . the first year at the great american beer festival that whiskey flavored beers showed up, i got hung up on the top floor and tried all i could more then once. in fact i think that was the last time i got sick drinking. i drink rarely now because of the pain meds i take from my fight with cancer. my favorite beer really is a heavy stout with lots of finishing hops, i know it is not to style but heck i made beer for me not competitions. i do not like wheat beers much, but right close to the stout is a soured wheat without the fruit. it smells like a dirty horse blanket, but the flavors are so intense and wonderful. never had a sour stout and i believe for me i would rather have one with out the liquor flavor. hope some day to try it but have little money right now. my shop art’s brewing supplies was actually the first shop in the world to sell used cornelous kegs back in 87. who knows maybe i will be the last. keep up the good work sounds great! have a great new year from art’s brewing supplies.

    • If you ever get to Seattle, I highly recommend Elliott Bay. If you like hops, well, I recommend pretty much anyplace because these bastards out here are fucking nuts over hops. If a given place has ten beers on tap, bet the farm that at least six of them are some variety of pale or other assorted hopfest.

      • some day maybe i can get to washington, but with no money and trying to keep my shop open it is hard. at 67 in 2 years when i retire i might be able to do something like that, i can always hope. one of my past of my employees a good friend open up i believe it is call red rock brewing on the coast. i would love to get out there and see him also. back in the early 90 most of the people in the club i was in at that time said my beers were not balanced because i had too much hop flavor and aroma. like i said i made beers for me not competition. i do feel a little vindicated because of all the extremely finished hoped beers that are made now. i did not make many wheats but even they had hop flavor and aroma. i guess you can say i am not balanced but i do not care. sipping a good beer and enjoying all the different flavors and aromas can not be beat especially when comparing it to slamming a cool case.

        • Most people these days seem to think like you. I am NOT a hops guy. I really prefer serious malt balance, heavier and darker and full-bodied and even sweet. If it’s going to be hoppy it needs to be really interesting and complex and well balanced, like a Dogfish Head 90 Minute or one of the Crooked Stave experimentals.

        • my heman stout you can stand a fork in. thick full bodied lots of dark grain flavors and of course crystal malt. of course it also has a lot of flavor and aroma hops. i to do not like thin beers, a like full bodied sweeter beers with bitterness, hop flavor and aroma. will not drink a big mass produced watery nothing beer. life is too short.

  2. if you are a home brewer i would love to send you a recipe, i am still an extract brewer but could change it to all grain if that is your preference. i would not have the time for all grain. there is nothing like one of my 10 year old hemans. it is something to sip and enjoy. a bottle full of flavor in each sip.

    • Not a home brewer. It has always seemed like it would be fun, but there’s only so much time. So instead I patronize the many incredible craft brewers available here. And damn, let me tell you, the PNW is overrun with incredible breweries.

      • i can not think of a hobby that is as profound as home brewing. maybe 1/2% of the beer drinkers home brew. most of the micro breweries and brew pubs were started by home brewers. home brewers changed the way america drinks beer. that is a powerful hobby. when i grew up there were few beers to try and they all were watery malt beverages not beer. that is a powerful hobby. how can even a micro compete against someone that can design a beer around his own tastes. i understand not having time. never can quite keep up with what i need to do. just finished getting through my emails today. i never have enough time for my hobbies. it is one to consider though.

        • I have nothing but respect for home and craft brewers. But nobody can do everything and I have made a decision to stop overextending and focus on my photography. As long as there are people making great beer for me I’m happy.

        • understandable, beer making saves money but time is money and some people have the money and not time.