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Today’s Christmas Song–“Merry Christmas Everybody”

Debates about the best rock and roll Christmas song, kind of like any debate about the best rock and roll anything, tend to become tedious. For my own part, Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” takes the prize. Released in 1973, every year it comes back, as it should. Slade was one of the great touring bands, and came out of the same British music hall tradition as The Kinks and Family.

Other rock and roll songwriters have written some great Christmas songs–Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas,” for example.

But to me the hallmark of a good rock and roll song is that you can dance to it. Slade delivers in spades. It will remain a staple of Christmas sing-alongs in Britain for a long time. Ironically, Slade’s best known song–“Cum on feel the Noize”–was a hit in the US for someone else. And it’s made a comeback, as good songs always do, in the hand of the venerable Martin Carthy and The Imagined Village:

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