The weird-ass week in sports

I might need some of my astrology expert friends to weigh in here.

  • We began with a World Series where both teams had new managers, and one of them had never been a manager before at any level, if I understand correctly. This is unusual.
  • Then we had a WS game end on an interference call for the first time in history.
  • The next night we had a game end with a pick-off – again, for the first time in Series history. (I wonder if this is first time in World Series history that two games in a row ended in circumstances that have never occurred in World Series history.)
  • Balks happen, but Cards reliever Trevor Rosenthal getting called for one when he, I don’t know, got a cleat stuck in the rubber or something and nearly dislocated his back falling off the mound in mid-delivery, that was different.
  • And I’m not even going down the Jonny-Gomes-as-World-Series-hero rabbit hole.

But the wackness hasn’t been confined to the diamond.

  • It’s rare enough when we see a football team score on a safety. But last night, we saw an NFL game go to overtime and end on a safety for only the third time in history.
  • And last Sunday, we actually had a holding penalty called on a quarterback, as Peyton Manning tried to keep a defensive lineman from getting to a fumble. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB called for holding before, although I’m sure it’s happened at some point.

I can’t wait to see what this weekend’s slate of football (both soccer and throwball varieties) and hoops have in store for us. It’s a shame Tim Tebow is out of the NFL right now, because the way the stars are aligned this might be the week where he finally completed a pass…

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  1. Presumably the 1903 inaugural series and maybe the next one or two would have had their share of firsts – but, yeah, point well taken.

    HOpefully the brand new-mgr leads team to World Series theme will carry over to the Nats next season!