Red Sox win World Series! (Baseball is a funny game)

Before the season began, I fully expected my Red Sox to finish last in the AL East. (I wasn’t the only one.) I figured Ellsbury and Petey would be solid, but past that there were so very many discouraging things to consider:

  • New manager: there was reason to be hopeful about John Farrell, but still, new guy at the helm means uncertainty.
  • Big Papi isn’t getting any younger, and he was already too old.
  • As I looked down the roster I saw more no-names, has-beens, not-ready-for-primetimes and retreads than I could shake a stick at.
  • Was the ghost of Josh Beckett fully exorcised? (This is also known as the “Jon Lester question.)
  • Was John Lackey going to be epically bad or merely bad?

Shows what the hell I know.



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  1. Well, I felt MLB was going all in for those dearly middle American Cards – but the Sox impressed the heck out of me with their will to win in spite of some of the worst umpiring (throughout the playoffs, but it’s been bad all season – and I watch a lot of b-ball) I’ve seen. Replay cannot come soon enough. So, congrats, Boston.

    They’re going to miss Jacoby, though. But Seattle will think Ichiro has come round again….