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It’s hard to believe this one happened in Iowa instead of the South

CATEGORY: GunsI mean, come on, this has Texas written all over it, don’t you think?

Iowa grants gun permits to the blind

No one questions the legality of the permits, but some officials worry about public safety.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Here’s some news that has law enforcement officials and lawmakers scratching their heads:

Iowa is granting permits to acquire or carry guns in public to people who are legally or completely blind.

Here’s my favorite line:

No one questions the legality of the permits. State law does not allow sheriffs to deny an Iowan the right to carry a weapon based on physical ability.

Oh, I see. That explains it. But this is America, where we believe in open and informed debate.

The quandary centers squarely on public safety. Advocates for the disabled and Iowa law enforcement officers disagree over whether it’s a good idea for visually disabled Iowans to have weapons.

Right. This might actually be a great idea.

I mean, Harry Whittington probably wishes he’d been hunting with a blind guy instead of Dick Cheney…



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      • It certainly seems like a _potential_ problem. Have there been any negligent discharges? Anyone actually hurt? Property destroyed? Any police reports filed? Any credible reports of cost to anyone?

        If not, I don’t see anything here except a need for a relatively minor legislative modification. Better, surely, to err in the side of preventing discrimination against the disabled when passing laws?

        Blind is not a simple term referring to complete inability to see. It can include people with correctable visual problems like severe myopia as well.

        If someone can’t see well enough to drive (assuming that’s a well established functional standard as opposed to mandated perfection as required by some pilots physicals), I see no problem restricting their ability to carry or use (not own) firearms in ways which threaten the public safety.

        But I doubt that people are dropping dead all over Iowa from blind fire. Government, at all levels, probably has more important issues to confront that the sort of preemptive action that seems to be (reading between the lines) desired here.

        • So we shouldn’t address things until there are actual deaths? If so, let’s arm four year-olds and take a wait-and-see approach to safety regulations for nuclear plants, right?

  1. So this reminds me of one of my favorite crime stories ever from my fair state.

    A police officer spotted a car driving 10-15 miles an hour with 2 wheels on the berm, straddling the white line. He pulled the car over–well, stopped it anyway.

    Turns out the owner was in the passenger seat, inebriated. He had spent the afternoon in his favorite drinking establishment and realized he was in no condition to drive home. So, he found a designated driver and turned over his keys.

    The problem was that his buddy was blind. Drunk passenger was talking his buddy through driving them both home.

    Needless to say, multiple charges were filed.

    Too bad they didn’t try that in Iowa.