Replace Brady with Tebow before it’s too late

Last night, for the first time this year, the Patriots played without Tim Tebow. For the first time this year, they lost. No, they didn’t lose. They got pounded, 40-9. Humilated. Embarrassed. Noogied. Brady and Mallet were awful, exactly as the S&R sports desk predicted would happen.

Remember, you read it here first, Brady is at the peak of his value, but his best days are past. The Patriots should sell him now, since GM’s in the NFL are always willing to overpay for over-the-hill quarterbacks (Favre, Palmer, Manning) and the Pats could probably get an entire team for Brady, who has the third highest QBR of all time.  Think about it–New England could get a top receiver or two, shore up their porous secondary, AND have three draft picks left over.

Let Timmy play! He’s a winner. There’s no doubt at all, none, that the Patriots would have won last night had he played.

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  1. Hey Otherwise! Don’t be picking on Manning, he’s got lots of good plays left if he doesn’t get kneecapped or whiplashed before pre-season is over. Remember Craig Morton…man those last couple years were sad when he’d come hobbling out on the field.

    As for Tebow, you just gotta ask, “What would would Jesus do?” and of course the answer is, play the boy!

    • Frank

      Actually, I hesitated before putting Manning on the list, since his skills do not appear to be diminished. But remember, Tebowistas still insist that Denver would have done better last year with Tim than with Peyton, because Tim won a playoff game.

      Let’s all be good Christians and pray for Brady and Mallet and every-other-available-quarterback-in-America-and-Canada to get hurt so Tebow can play..

  2. Exactly Otherwise(LOL). Please oh great Chief Executive of the Universe, bless us by smiting the enemies of Tebow…and, if it’s not an unreasonable inconvenience, could thoust also inflict a pox, say dysentery and/or projectile vomiting, on the evil Raiders…Amen.

    • Actually Rho, I find the article puzzling. In a previous Tebow blog I broke down Tebow’s size, speed etc and compared it to past Heisman winners, and as I remember, the QB he was most like was Troy Smith. He was smaller and slower than every QB who succeeded and about average for those that failed. This article continues to push the meme that Tebow was once good/could have been good/etc. It’s simply not true. It was wishful thinking on the part of aggressive conservative/Christian/racist ignorati. Unfortunately for them, they can say silly stuff about climate change all they want and get by with it. But when you assert something about sports, the answer comes quickly and in digestible form. You can say Jimmer Fredette is the new Larry Bird if you like, but when he takes the court, it will quickly become apparent that he’s six inches too short and couldn’t defend a Dumpster. The same thing happened with Tebow with morons like Skip “he just needs the right system and a coach who believes in him” Bayless. He is just not a quality athlete at that level for that position.
      And the article failed to mention that Warren Moon laughed when asked about Tebow in the CFL, because throwing is so important there because of the long field and fewer downs.
      I think the most interesting young QB out there right now is Terrell Pryor, who happens to have exactly the same physical dimensions as Cam Newton, but didn’t get the love because he played in the B10