Bradley Manning helped al Qaeda recruitment? Obama administration has no sense of irony

Uncle Sam, pointing

Who’s recruiting whom for whom?

On Thursday, Reuters had this to report:

Manning’s WikiLeaks breach helped al Qaeda recruit: witness

Of course, Aboul-Enein is an expert for the prosecution, so naturally he’s going to be a douche-and-a-half. It’s hardly like the administration is going to find an expert that disagrees with them. And hey, they even trotted one out with an exotic name, so clearly he must really understand the enemy. I suppose he should get extra points for so clearly missing the irony in his testimony. Evidence of US wrongdoing helps advance recruiting talking points that already existed. Really, now? I suppose al Qaeda failed to hear about the dead journalists and everyone was just mysteriously quiet about it on the street before, voila, evidence!

If the leaks actually did help with al Qaeda recruitment, and if “recruitment boost” is a significant factor in deciding whether Manning needs to rot in prison for as long as possible, then there’s a terribly long list of people who need to go away for much, much longer.

What helps al Qaeda recruitment? Look online for a minute or three, and you’ll find experts that suggest the following:

  • US propping up brutal, repressive, dictatorial regimes
  • US supporting Israel, even (and especially) when Israel is antagonizing the locals
  • US violating national sovereignty
  • US drone strike terrorism (if those drones were over your skies, you’d see it that way)
  • Dead babies
  • Dead civilians
  • Dead journalists (oh, which we know about because of Manning long after the locals knew…so clearly he’s the bad guy, not the government that killed the journalists)

The list could go on, and on, and on.  By all means, please, let’s talk about how horrible it is to help al Qaeda with their recruitment efforts, especially if it leads to sentencing the right people.

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  1. Yeah, it’s ironic that Reuters would trot out that article. Wasn’t it the video of their reporters being killed that Manning leaked?

  2. god help me, when i read crap like this i find ron paul making sense.

    not rand paul. i don’t do acid anymore. but ron paul.