The New Constitution: Amendment XIX – right to organize

The New Constitution

Amendment XIX

All workers shall have the right to organize for purposes of collective representation and bargaining.


Americans are fond of the idea of upward mobility, although in truth we now rank at or near the bottom for class mobility among developed nations. This wasn’t always true. The decline in American upward mobility has been a direct result of the attack on unions that we’ve witnessed since the dawn of the Reagan Revolution. No longer is there is a prescribed path to financial stability for those willing to work. In our union-busting political economy, you can work harder than ever and be just as poor as you started out.

We say we value hard work. Amendment XIX assures that the walk the talk.


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  1. I think it’s good for people to have the ability to organize, but there needs to be a limit on political spending by unions. In some fields you have to join a union, but you have no say in which candidate the union gives millions of worker’s dollars. Of course, this probably wouldn’t be in the amendment, but I think it’s one way that unions have weakened themselves. That and the ridiculous cost to join.

  2. This one leaves a bad taste. I would not have a problem if it was mated with a right to work clause. I’m fine with all workers having the right to organize but I don’t believe anyone should be forced to join a union in order to work somewhere and I am against closed union shops.

  3. I would be happy to support limits on political giving by unions — if, and only if, similar limits are placed on corporate campaign donations. And again, if, and only if, all political giving by any entity is fully transparent. No. More. Dark. Money.