It’s SchadenFriday: Weiner not getting a rise in polls + that poor pepper spray cop

Hot dog!

I love to talk about my famous weiner.
That is what you’d truly like to see.
And if I run for office as a Weiner,
Everyone will point and laugh at me.

C’mon, everybody! You know the words. Second verse, same as the first. Could get better, but it’s gonna get worse.

Let’s see…

No impulse control. Check.

Moral compass of a pickup artist. Check.

Upbraided by Pelosi with, “needs to get a clue.” Check.

Pelosi, it should be noted, knows a thing or three about getting a clue. She has, after all, been part of the huge Dem/GOP drive to erode your privacy rights for a very long time. She gets clues.

Oh, yeah, and Pepper Spray Cop is back in the news. Won’t somebody please shed a tear (he didn’t cause by spraying)?


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  1. just learned he was still texting photos a year after he left office. what a dope.

    • Every day she doesn’t hold a press conference to announce that she wants a divorce I lose a little more respect for his wife. But hey, there may be a lot going on here I don’t know about. I don’t judge.

      Victorino Adventure out…..

      • Yeah, something along those lines occurred to me and I slammed the brakes on my curiosity.

  2. Some marriages are based on convenience and if external liaisons are agreed upon as acceptable, more power to them. Our ex-Governor Roy Romer and his wife Bea come to mind, as well as (I suspect) the Clintons.

    But if there exists no such agreement and two individuals swear monogamous loyalty to each other, then I see it as a huge breach of faith and lack of honor when one or the other steps outside the contract. If an individual can’t be trusted by the ones they purportedly love, what chance will voters have of being fairly represented?

    I would take great schadenfreude seeing Carlos Danger being heavily doused by sensitive Pepperspray Cop while Nancy Pelosi gave him a few pokes with a “I Love NY” strap-on. Oh well, if we can’t be represented, at the least we are certainly entertained!

  3. What gets me is how very Charlie Sheen Weiner’s public meltdown is. In Sheen’s case, while the media went to town with it, I felt bad for the guy and hated the media sideshow. However ridiculous his words and behavior may have been, it seemed apparent to me that what we were witnessing was a private person/celebrity’s very personal psychological issues being exploited by the media in a truly sick fashion for our “amusement.” In the end, it wouldn’t make a real difference to millions of people if Sheen were actually losing his grip. At best it might even help his celebrity in the long haul.

    By comparison, Weiner publicly losing his grip may be equally tragic in a personal illness kind of way (perhaps), but if he’s not shamed or otherwise forced out of electoral success his malfunction could very well affect the lives of millions. I’d be happy enough for him if he found a way to leverage his personal issues into success at celebrity, but damned if I want to see him succeed politically in any major way until he gets a handle on his compulsively destructive behavior.

    What Weiner and Abedin decide in their private lives is private, and, like Sam, I don’t judge on that basis. Like Frank D., I think it’s only relevant if his behavior represents a breach of faith. As Rush used to say about Clinton (and eerily fails to say about so many others), “character matters.” More telling, as far as I’m concerned, is how Weiner brushes off responsibility for whether or not individual recipients of his messages were offended. If I were to go through a crowded subway car individually flashing each person seated in it (best view of the show, naturally), why hell, some of those lucky audience members might actually like it, right? How can I possibly be held accountable for offending any of the others? I don’t know who might be offended.

    Sheen may have been winning (privately), but in this case I can only hope that Weiner is losing (publicly).