Move over Blue Screen of Death: Google’s Chromebook makes black the new blue

Black screen of death

Black screen of death

Miss that “living on the edge” feeling you used to get when the BSoD was a hobgoblin always waiting to leap out and eat your work in mid-keystroke? Have I got a solution for you! No longer do you have to dig your obsolete x86 system out of storage, boot up Win95, and hope like hell that your floppy drive still works in spite of the family of spiders living in it.

Introducing the Google Chromebook! Less than six months into your experience of superfast boot times, high speed Intarwebs, and a pervasive sense that your entire life is now stored for NSA convenience in Google climate change denier-friendly cloud services, you too can experience the thrills and chills, the adrenaline rush, the sheer WTFery of Google’s very own BlackSoD.

Why waste time looking at incomprehensible hexadecimal gibberish in white text on a blue background when your screen can just go plainly, impenetrably black? As an added bonus, reboots are incredibly fast, allowing you to get back to the sheer joy of lost work in record times!

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