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Ted Nugent for President?

The slippery slope of American ignorance has just been greased: Ted Nugent wants to be president.

His claims to fame:

  • He’s got seven baby-mamas who’ve given him nine kids (wonder if he’s up to date on child support?). Imagine that reality show. By the way, this fact is being touted as his campaign slogan.
  • He cut into his own leg with a chainsaw. While filming a TV show. Makes Gerald Ford’s falls and George W. Bush’s pretzel look like they weren’t trying.
  • He LOVES the NRA. Question is: how much do they love him?
  • He was investigated for threatening President Obama. That oughta be good experience for conducting foreign policy.

Can’t wait to count the legs on this one. Think he can get Michelle Bachmann as his running mate? Or would Sarah Palin be a better choice?

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  1. By comparison, Howard Dean lost out because all it took was one exuberant “whoop!” and he wasn’t “presidential.” At least this train wreck should be thoroughly amusing.

  2. Nuge and Chuck Norris were on a tongue in cheek write-in ticket for the 2012 cycle and while an academically interesting action/adventure comic combo it didn’t get much play.

    Not that they could do much worse than our last few Fearless Leaders.

  3. I must ask a few relevant questions: Will the Nuge be a full time prez or just a “Weekend Warrior”? Is he willing to accept the grind of a “Dog eat Dog” campaign? And, is he physically fit to serve? Besides the chain saw injury, has he recovered from “Cat Scratch Fever”?

  4. Stop laughing. Jesse Ventura was governor or a mostly sane state. Strange things happen.

  5. The Governor of Illinois just finished the 1st year of a 14 year Federal sentence for trying to sell the State Senate seat of our current sitting President. His predecessor, Republican Governor George Ryan was just released from Federal custody 3 days ago.

    Two other recent Illinois Governors have served time in Federal Penitentiaries as well and these are just the few from one state who were stupid enough to get caught. The slippery slope of American ignorance indeed.

    Nugent would be a breath of fresh (albeit intensely annoying I admit) air.

    • Re: this Frank (which I doubt you mean), I think by “amusing” I mean “mortifying.” I look forward to FD’s reply. I read “breath of fresh air” as “fart in a crowded elevator.” I’m still working on that whole wurdz thing.

    • Yes Otherwise, somewhat jokingly pointing out that in the overall scheme of things, replacing criminals and carpet bagging charlatans with blithering idiots might not necessarily be a downgrade.

      As Dr. Smith opined in earlier ruminations, I too harbor a somewhat despairing and ruinous view of the American political scene. If we can do no good, then please Dear God or Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, let us do no more harm.