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TunesDay: HOT NUN!

TunesDay usually happens on Tuesday, not Thursday. But the first video from the new self-titled Hot Nun CD was just released, so fuck the rules and roll the tape.

Hot Nun is the latest project from Jeff Shelton, whom you may know from The Spinning Jennies and The Well Wishers (they’ve featured here at S&R a number of times). While Jeff has always leaned toward the “power” side of Power Pop, Hot Nun is perhaps his rawest and most muscular outing to date. It gleefully throws back to late ’70s New Wave and in a lot of spots is really reminiscent of Cheap Trick’s glory years, circa Budokan.

I’m loving Hot Nun and heck, you might, too. Here’s the lead track, “Brave New World.”

Stream the rest of the CD at Bandcamp.