S&R Literature

S&R Poetry: “Stopped on the Delhi Metro,” by Janna Strain

Agla station… Jor Bagh… he.
The next station is…Jor Bagh.
I made paneer for the Marquis de Saag.

My jokes make India Pale Ales blush.
This is the third meditation where I’ve been hushed.
I just say, To each his om.

To each great thinker his garden gnome.
Beware of garden dogs gardening my gold—
these foo dogs will shackle you in manifolds.

Manacles can castigate elegance
or send 6,600 volts through an elephant.
We’re filming the execution.  Thomas Edison insists.

Topsy thought, What is this if I persist?
Take me back to the circus next incarnation,
but electrocute me this time with justification.

I am the clown refusing to feign gay.
Darvaaze dai teraph ke kulenge.
Doors will open on the right.

The cyanide in the carrots was an oversight.
All India Radio wants to broadcast my spine snap.
When walking to the hanging, Please mind the gap.