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Saturday Video Roundup: the Spanish Inquisition Mashup Edition

I’m a sucker for wack-ass mashups that no normal human being could possibly have seen coming. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition Mashup, bitches. Make sure you stick around for the whole show – I saved something special for last.

You didn’t expect a Nirvana/Europe mashup, I’ll bet.

Nobody expects Metallica meets Herbie Hancock.

Adele vs. The Eurythmics? Okay this is a little less left field than the others, but it’s pretty good.

Daft Punk and Billie Jean? I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson never saw this coming.

There’s no video for this one, but that’s okay – the music alone is the funniest thing I’ve encountered this week. Imagine, if you will, a collaboration between Rick James and Dio. You can’t possibly imagine that, you say? No sweat. Click play.

But there’s one thing you do see coming – a great Saturday. Be safe out there.

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