Denver FOX News affiliate caught making shit up

Well, this is fun.

FOX31 reported Saturday that Daniele Perazzi, president of the world-famous Perazzi gun brand and grandson of its famous founder, was detained at the Colorado Gun Collectors Association show near 58th and Washington Street. FOX31 said a cab driver alerted police thinking Perazzi was a potential terrorist.

The gun company, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Taxis on Patrol and the Colorado Gun Collectors Association all claim the reported incident never happened.

The story has gone viral online and caused concern for gun rights supporters. 9NEWS has received numerous emails inquiring as to why the story isn’t being broadly covered.

The Perazzi company issued a statement in Italian on Tuesday denying the incident occurred. A US representative for the company said its founder, Daniele Perazzi died last year, and that he does not have a grandson named Daniele. The current CEO of the company is the founder’s son, Mauro. The Perazzi representative said the company did not have anyone in Denver over the weekend and called the story “totally fabricated.”

The FOX reporter responsible for the story went on a local radio show this morning to defend herself.

“I think that something did happen. I think there is some essential truth to it,” Hayden continued.

In other words, she’s almost certain that something must have happened. Otherwise, why would she have reported it. Or something.

Definitely give the video a look. And stay tuned. FOX being FOX, their next step will almost certain be to distract us from this fabrication by making up some even more outlandish shit.

Thx to Rho Holden for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. Just one point to note. FOX 31 isn’t owned by Fox nor is it associated with that highly entertaining “news outlet” Fox News Channel. They syndicate Fox Television programs and their main reporters actually lean toward the left.

      • You should watch them more often…

        I actually figured you would watch 31 more considering your own leaning. According to the well versed journalists I know who have been working local news for 40+ years 31 leaned to the left a lot more before they got the new anchors in recently, but in the main they do a decent job of doing a fair account to the stories they report on, though you can see the left lean in story selection. Not that I am complaining, considering where I work!

        As I predicted there will be no Fox hi-jinks for you:

        Ed Kosowski (Fox31 Editor): “more steps should have been taken to corroborate (Korrine) Aguirre’s story and verify information provided by (David) Kopel (a second amendment lawyer) and (Steve) Schreiner (a National Rifle Association board member from Colorado). KDVR is committed to fair, accurate and balanced reporting and we are reviewing policies and procedures to ensure our content meets those standards.”

        So what happened they ballsed up in not fact checking their sources when that source (Aguirre) was lying her arse off… allegedly.

        As Frank says below, the story itself doesn’t add up and KDVR should have picked up on that quickly instead of jumping on the wagon blindly. Whilst the reporter will likely find herself dropping to a 100 ranked town, the editor is just as much to blame.

        • I don’t watch much local broadcast news. I don’t watch much broadcast news period, to be honest. The standards in the world of journalism have slid so far, and local broadcast is about as bad as it gets. No slight on you – as local goes, your outfit is generally the best of the lot around here. But about the only place I have trusted in this town since Columbine is Westword, and even they have slipped dramatically in recent years.

  2. A true gun nut…or just overall nut friend pointed this out on a conservative web site to me Monday and I thought no way, the President of Perazzi probably drives a Ferrari when he isn’t drinking champagne in the back of a chauffeured limo. And even if that’s hyperbole he sure as hell doesn’t schlep $20K-$50K shotguns around to regional US gun shows in taxi cabs. Besides I was at the show, somebody would have said “HEY! Did you hear!!”

    Channel 31 got set up and since it’s a reverse logic pro-gun deal one does wonder if it was some kind of inbred false flag job, Not likely the NRA but maybe Dudley Moore from RMGO. Or just a charismatic tipster with an ax to grind with KDVR. They did just do a pitiful expose on private gun sales.Whatever the motivation there’s definitely a back story on this.

    That reporter will be ringing up Slurpees at 7-11 before this deal dies down.

  3. As awesome as it would be for Dudley Moore to be A) Running RMGO and B) still alive, I’m pretty sure you mean Dudley Brown.

    • Thank you Rathmone, you are a scholar and a mind reader sir. At this advanced stage of decrepitude I shouldn’t try multi-tasking play at work.

      Dudley Brown, the wild eyed irascible leader of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, that is exactly whom I was impugning. I send him a little money from time to time for the guilty pleasure of knowing he annoys the shit out of so many state senators and reps.