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S&R Poetry: Two poems by Krystol Stinson

An A Cappella Tribute

Elvis Presley, God of the rowdy pelvis, was a Sun King
in his own right. An elder of the Craft and a Most High
Priestess of Elvis, says Elvis personally awoke white, 
middle-class America’s white-man-overbite chakra, 
and shapeshifted throughout his life from the splendid
young Peacock God to the fat, laughing Dagda God.

Ben & Jerry’s has created two new ice cream flavors 
named Rowdy Pelvis and PETA, PETA BO BEATA; 
both are blood orange based, and Rowdy Pelvis is 
swirled with uppers and downers hiding behind 
Black Eyed Pea sized fat, laughing Dagda gods 
fashioned out of super sweet chocolate, and the 
PETA flavor shelters chunks of flesh from Lady Gaga’s 
latest cloak. The smell of rotten meat masks the orange.

Mad Black

Early storm-wings whipped a smear of blue,
Tumble-stacked into a tower late. 
Rain falls, spins, lifts, and twirls 
Nekid, but not alone, and Un-joined 
until merged where a tree once stood. 

A carrion crow caws a new song
	hatched on the mountain
	flew on the mountain
	no place to nest, or rest, 
On the mountain. 

A spinning drop tries to rinse the mad black
          stain away, but
Man-machines rip and rend and kill without a thought.
Man-machines feast on earths flesh without a thought.


Krystol Stinson is a student at Western Kentucky University studying Creative Writing. Her poems have been published in a variety of local journals, including Pegasus and Zephyrus.

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