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Tim Brando is an embarrassment to old white males everywhere

Tim Brando, the sportscaster, tweeted this yesterday.

Tim Brando ✔@TimBrando
@CallMeG_Unit Simple Being a a Christian White male over 50 that’s raised a family means nothing in today’s culture. The sad truth. Period.

He got the most flak for arguing that Collins isn’t a hero.

Obviously, he feels disrespected and undervalued. But why?

Tim graduated with a degree from Northeastern Louisiana and yet he’s a broadcaster on a national network, CBS. That job typically pays seven figures (Jim Nance earns over $3 million per year) and, judging by the number of kids enrolled in sports marketing and sports communications courses, is the dream job of half the population. And he spends that money in Shreveport, Louisiana, which has a cost of living index below the national average. So he’s doing pretty well for a small town boy with a small time degree. He’s been married to the same woman for 32 years, has kids now in college, and at least from the outside, looks like he has it pretty good.

Let me rephrase that. His life may or may not be good, but if it’s not, it’s not because our culture has denied him job opportunities or the right to live where he chooses or disciminates against him because of his race, sex, age or sexual orientation.

Come on, we all know what’s going on here. Like many older white males, Tim doesn’t like getting old. Like all Boomers, he doesn’t like that the spotlight has shifted from him onto younger and more interesting people. He’s had his shot, done pretty well with it, but he wants more. Black people and gay people and women people are getting attention now, and that’s not fair! It should be him. He should be the one getting all the attention.

So he’s blaming it on our culture. Just like the Tsarnaev boy blamed our culture for the fact that he was a mediocre boxer. It can’t be his fault he didn’t make the Olympics, so it’s the fault of a decadent American culture.

Guys like this see everything as an affront. Gay people like Jason Collins come out. Tim doesn’t think of that as being none of his business, he thinks of it as taking attention from him. Why all that media attention that went to Jason Collins for being the first big time athlete to announce he’s gay should have gone to Tim, because he’s a white, Christian dad. He deserves a fucking medal for mowing the lawn and for going to Little League games. That he didn’t get one is because we as a culture are biased against Christian dads, and has nothing to do with the fact that he only did what I and fifty million other men do every day.

Hey putz, we chose to have families. With luck, our kids will recognize, love and respect us for what we did, but even if they don’t, it’s not the job of our culture to fill the gap. Talk about entitlement. Give me a break, you whiner.

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  1. This is probably why sportcasters should not get to stay in ritzy hotels with minibars. After they work their way through the whiskey, vodka, and tequila, they hit the Drambuie and start tweeting stupid self-pitying stuff.

  2. “Like all Boomers, he doesn’t like that the spotlight has shifted from him onto younger and more interesting people. ”

    I’m a boomer, and I don’t give a flying happy where the spotlight lands. And you could name just about any boomer and he/she would be more interesting than I am. Still, I don’t care if others, be they younger or older, are more interesting.

    Tim Brando is an ass and a bigot, and since he thinks being white somehow should demand some respect, he’s probably a racist, as well. But this doesn’t make all boomers like him, dude.

    • Hear, hear, JS. Most Boomers got advantages and completed accomplishments that, if anything, should leave them self-satisfied enough for a couple of generations, not just theirs. What Brando’s stupidity was about can be explained more by his address than his generational position.

      • Gosh, you Boomers are touchy.

        Very seriously, I do believe part of what fuels old white male angst is boomerism. (Part is also civil rights for minorities and women.) As a cohort, we are phenomenally self-centered. This is not to say every Boomer is.

  3. I’m going to start by saying that Booth’s tweet doesn’t make sense to me. What exactly does he want it to mean. I’m close enough to the demographic he describes to weigh in from the inside … it means a great deal to a lot of people. Does a white male who gets and stays married and raises a family and has a decent job and votes regularly and keeps reasonably informed on the issues deserve national headlines? No. That’s not news. That is supposed to be the norm. Having said that, i get tremendous support from a variety of family, friends, acquaintances and encountered strangers for doing just that. I have to wonder if it is the Drambuie or if he thinks that when he is sober.

    To the larger topic, the WASP male angst, the whole subject sort of crystalized around the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the supreme court. She noted that her life (as an hispanic female as it turns out) experiences and education would influence her decisions as a justice. To my mind, that is an insanely rational observation but right wing talkers (mostly middled aged white males — don’t keep track of their religions) took that as a sign that she would be biased and/or prejudiced as a justice. What crystalized was they apparently didn’t realized that everyone brings a bias to their decisions making and that the bias comes from their own life experiences and education. They actually believe that their bias is the way God wants the world to be. Kind of like the ol’ “does a fish know it is wet” thingy. So when people who do not recognize their own biases see other demographics trying to get parity they actually believe the natural order of the universe is being disrupted. I honestly do not believe most of them even realize the role their own egocentricity plays in that worldview.