ArtSunday: Doors Open Denver

Good morning, everyone. Here’s hoping your ArtSunday is off to a sunny start.

A couple of us with strong S&R ties are entered in the Doors Open Denver photo contest and would really appreciate your support. In order to convince you that we’re worthy, we’re even going to give you some pretty shots to look at.

Up first, me! I have four shots entered (two in the Exteriors category, one in Interiors and one in Building Details). This is “Butterfly,” which probably represents my best chance.


My first exterior is “Janus”…

…and the second is “Treble.”

Finally, my Building Details entry is “Footwork.”

Registration is required to vote, but it’s quick and painless. You can register and view all the entries here.

Vote for my shots at these page links (or simply scroll down on the page linked above and click as you go).

Up next, Greg Thow. Greg is a mainstay at S&R’s sister site, 5280 Lens Mafia, and we’ve also featured his work here a few times, so regular readers are hopefully familiar with him. My assessment of Greg’s entries is fairly simple: the rest of us are playing for second. I’d ask you to throw some stars his way, as well.

The first shot to note is “Red Dawn,” which I expect to win every prize they have.

This is called “To the Heavens.”

And finally, “Taking the Fifth.”

To vote:

We’re grateful for any and all support, and we’d be even more grateful if you’d pass this link along to your friends who appreciate photography.

Happy Sunday.


See more of Greg Thow’s photography at Denver Digital Photography.

More of my work can be found at Samuel Smith Photography.

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