Self-promotion alert: I’m up at Poetry Pacific

Well, part self-promotion and part shout-out to a worthy online literary journal. I recently retired from writing poetry, but I still have things in submission and will likely continue trying to find homes for the things I have already written.

I’m pleased to direct everyone to Poetry Pacific, where three of the poems from my latest book (“Photo Album: Venezia, 1562,” “Kitsune’s Wedding” and “Coderain”) appear today. Poetry Pacific is a new literary e-zine edited by the immensely talented Dr. Changming Yuan, a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee whose work we were honored to feature in the lit journal back in January. As I have said before, small, innovative literary outlets, many of them Web-based, are the future of poetry, and I was really struck when I first visited Poetry Pacific last year by the quality of what Yuan was publishing.

So wander on over and have a look, if you would, and take the time to work through some of the other authors presented there. You may find a new favorite.

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