Corporate prison thugs: things getting even worse for the Wierdsma family

Boulder DA: Is it wrong to give false testimony to a federal agency?
Thomas Wierdsma: No, happens all the time.

We reported a couple of times late last year on the outrageous case of Charles and Thomas Wierdsma. Charles is a corporate prisons executive (The GEO Group) who routinely beat his wife and Thomas, his dad (a GEO Group Sr. VP),  threatened to use his federal government connections to get her deported if she didn’t shut up and like it.

GEO Group bills itself as “the world’s leading provider of correctional and detention management and community reentry services to federal, state and local government agencies,” which makes Thomas Wierdsma’s answer to the question at the top of the post here even more interesting, doesn’t it?

Well, it looks like things might be getting even worse for the Wierdsma family.

A jury in that civil case last year found Wierdsma guilty of outrageous conduct for the actions he took after his son was arrested and convicted of regularly beating his Hungarian-born wife, Beatrix Szeremi, for more than a year. Boulder District Attorney Stan Garrett’s office is investigating Thomas Wierdsma for possible criminal culpability in the matter related to his interference with the victim.

I wish for this PoS family the same as I do for all human beings: that they get precisely what they deserve, and not an ounce less.


Thanks to English Hopkins, Executive Director of the Hearts of Hope Foundation, for keeping us abreast of developments in this case.

Full Disclosure: I serve as an unpaid advisor to HoH.

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  1. Since GEO spends so much money lobbying to sustain laws that keep a steady flow of persons to their prisons, I find some satisfaction in the prospect that two of their executives may have a chance to experience the excellent service they purport to provide. The business model is perverse and it’s only right they experience it first hand.

  2. Welcome to early 2012. This story is a year old. Are you just behind the times or just bored?

    • Hmmm. The “Boulder DA investigates criminal charges” story linked is dated April 8, 2013. That’d be yesterday.

      So the question is, can’t you read or are you just a fan of domestic violence and corporate thuggery?