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Sequestration days

Welcome to March, the first day of which is the moment the government set to make itself look incompetent if it couldn’t manage to “fix” its finances. This is also called a shakedown, given that a good percentage of our elected representatives get elected by talking about how the government doesn’t work. Most of the rest of them get elected by talking about how it might be able to work if we can fix it without upsetting anyone. This second group has a strategy of working with the first group. The stupid and/or evil question probably should be explained as the first group is evil and a little bit stupid, while the second group is stupid and a little bit evil. These are the wise leaders who devised a program that depended on them doing things they’ve proven themselves incapable and unwilling of doing to avoid uncontrolled financial chaos at the national level … or something like that.

The big worry seems to be what will happen to our National Security Socialism economic system. It’s been hard to avoid news that some guy with a lot of stars who’s made a career on the taxpayers’ dime warning us gravely that he needs more taxpayer money, or, you know, we might all get killed by terrorists or the Chinese or something. Oh, and the jobs. National Security Socialism always falls back on the jobs that will be lost if cut defense spending. As it turns out, Sequestration Day #1 started by hearing that sporting event flyovers will be cancelled.

Of course those flyovers are just part of regular pilot training, so it’s not as if anyone’s paying extra to have NASCAR rednecks buzzed by a B2. The Air Force and Navy say that training is being cut under sequestration, and that’s why flyovers will be cut. The same organizations also say that a flyover might be 90 seconds of a several hour training sorte. What they’re trying to say, but won’t say directly, is that they’ve cut public event flyovers to make their sequestration cuts as visible as possible to a public that’s grown accustomed to incredible displays of, um, patriotism unrelated to the sporting event they’re paying to attend.

“Even for just 90 seconds, it is awareness,” [Wendy] Varhegyi said. “It’s just a great way that we can have connection with the American people and have that awareness to large groups of people, not to mention how patriotic everybody is.” (from The USA Today) Oh how patriotic everyone is. No, Ms. Varhegyi, it’s called jingoism. It’s like how we can’t have any major event with out football field sized American flags and endless blather about our veterans. I can think of a few other nations that behaved the same way, but none makes a favorable comparison for the land of freedom and democracy. Even the Islamic-Socialist-Usurper-in-Chief is worried about these sequestration cuts affecting our mighty military that hasn’t won a war against an enemy that shoots back since 1945.

We’re all Socialists now, i guess. Vacuum up the surplus labor value of the people and redistribute it via the government to direct employees of the government and a collection of fancy toys purchased by the government. And when all that’s set and done, make sure that we all thank the brave Workers that form our shock brigades of National Security Socialism. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless a veteran was drafted and sent to war, it should be the veterans doing the thanking for the training, the education, the pay, and the retirement and health benefits. After all, it’s really not much different than taking any other job except that the decision can be declared pure by intent of patriotism to mask the underlying Socialist characteristics.

I say we cut at least 50% and more like 75% of the military budget. If the Chinese invade we’ll all take up our enormous stock of arms, form militias, and go all Red Dawn on their assess.  Get the 3,000 or whatever the number of general staff we now carry off the government payroll and let them experience the glory of the free market and Capitalism instead of a career of government teet suckling. I’m sure that the CEOs of our defense contractors are no fans of Socialism, so they’ll certainly be happy to go out into the free market and prove their Randian mettle rather than rely on hundreds of billions of dollars of big government money.

Come on, Republicans, stand with me against Big Government.

…oh, that’s not what you meant? You’re really talking about stealing the money the rest of us are required to put into retirement and geriatric health savings plans? Got it, where do i sign up for the mandatory Subbotnik?

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  1. And the Ponzi scheme goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on… I remember, Bernie Madoff went to jail for executing a Ponzi scheme for many years… I wonder if… Never mind, forget that…

  2. It is convenient to demonize the government. After all, as an institution that is at least in theory designed to be a compromise against competing interests, it will not please anyone completely. That means everyone can find a bone or two to chew on and, by virtue of extrapolation, conclude that the entire thing (or at least the vast majority of it) is worthless.

    But just as you rail against the jingoism of some, you fall victim to the same crime in your zeal to portray the government as all-failing. The fact of the matter is, if we are to live in a society of rules, we must have a government. Can we at least agree that having a government is better than not having a government – at least when dealing with groups as large and diverse as what we find in the average state?

    I assume that we can agree on at least that much. Now all we have to do is figure out what our government can and cannot do. Then we get to figure out how it will do those things and how we will keep it from doing the other things. Lastly, we have to figure out how to pay for all that. Over the past 200+ years, we have made some pretty good choices, and some monumentally bad ones, in answering those challenges. But make no mistakes, those three basic questions are just as relevant today as they were in 1776.

    My point is, just because someone else thinks the answers to those challenges is different than what you think the answers are, is no reason to think them either socialists, communists, or fascists (or any other “ists”). What we need to be doing is having rational discussions about what we want our government doing and how we want to pay for it. After all, if I wanted to hear more empty name calling, I’d turn on fox news.