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Just when you think they can’t give us any more wtf moments…

Well, first,  Reagan appointee Justice Antonin Scalia says the Constitution is “dead, dead, dead.”

Then, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) says that Atlas Shrugged is alive in today’s America.

And thus my title becomes self-explanatory….

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  1. Can someone explain the idolatry that libertarians/republicans hold to when it comes to Ayn Rand? And has anyone told the fundamentalist christian block of the right that Ayn was an atheist who detested religions?

    Really, how does the cognitive dissonance of these groups not cause their heads to explode??

    • The idolatry of the Right is simple enough – Rand provides a narrative that syncs with a particular breed of anti-collective selfishness. I don’t need to point out the classist and racist undertones that infuse much of the philosophy, I’m sure. In their eyes, a “philosopher” like Rand provides legitimacy.

      As for the atheism, there is no cognitive dissonance. Her anti-religious views are simply ignored. This is easy enough for an ideology that has already internalized the ability to ignore vast parts of the Bible.

      • Here’s hoping they don’t get hold of The Fountainhead and figure out a way to make it part of their pro-rapist agenda. Added bonus, their best and brightest elements, like Ted Nugent, would get to champion domestic terrorism in the interest of freedom.

        As for ignoring things, it’s a pity the modern Randian seems to miss out on reading her non-fiction. If they did, they’d also get to ignore the entire body of Kant’s work outright.