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Tournament of Rock IV FINALS: Duran Duran vs. Meat Loaf

In our second semi-final we have…no surprise whatsoever, as the Duranies just keep on coming. This time around they scored 85% of the vote to absolutely crush REO Speedwagon. We’ll see if they can now muster one final assault on Corporate Rock Mountain.

And don’t tell me you had unseeded Duran Duran and #10 seed Meat Loaf making the finals in your office pool, either. Nobody could have predicted this.

So, on with the show. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 587 pounds, hailing from Birmingham, England, DURAN DURAN!

Their opponent (you’re just waiting on a “combined weight” crack here, aren’t you? Stop it.), hailing from Big D, little a, double L A.S., MEAT LOAF!

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Here’s the up-to-date bracket.

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  1. Man, you can tell that the criteria I was using – who was most likely to have sold their soul to Satan for popularity, aka who was the biggest sellout of each pairing – was not the criteria everyone else was using.

    I wonder if the Duran Duran fans (or Meatloaf fans, for that matter) realize or care that winning this tournament isn’t necessarily an good thing.

    • Well regardless of whether this is a prestigious or reputable tournament or not, Duran Duran fans will NEVER lose to Meatloaf EVER in any arena. 🙂 (or anyone else if we can help it)

    • Meat Loaf ain’t a sell out, what makes you think he is? (btw, if he was, he’d be doing celeb big brother, which he isn’t despite many reports he is) I really think you know nothingabout him. So imagine how little you know about the others?

        • There IS a big difference there! Celeb Apprentice is 100% for charity, but Celeb Big Brother is not. The cash prize goes to charity, but the celebs get paid also, and they get paid more if they stay on longer. Whole different purpose to the show. I’m glad Meat will have nothing to do with Big Brother. –KathyB

    • Selling their souls for popularity has never been an issue in Duran-land. They’ve never been the classic sort of rock band with an authenticity obsession. They’ve always been accessible and open to growth, that is their form of authenticity. Just because there’s sparkles and synths on equal footing with darkness and leather doesn’t mean there was ever any selling out. That’s just sort of who they’ve always been. They got lip for being associated with disco at the very beginning and walked through the flames with their heads held high then as now. Besides, Duranies don’t care what the award is, we’ll always fight for our guys and see them to the top. We’re a rather “loud ‘n’ proud” lot.

    • I know. It’s just a popularity contest. But when it comes to who I like better, DD or Meatloaf, my heart will always flutter towards DD.

    • So you are saying that if AC/DC had won that you would consider them sellouts? I seriously doubt it.

  2. Can’t wait for the tournament of Funk/Alternative where Primus get knocked out in the first round by Vampire Weekend!

  3. So when are we (meaning you do all the work, the rest of us just vote) going to do a per-Beatles contest? Top seeds are Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Bill Haley and the Comets. Other seeds would be Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Pretenders, and The Drifters. I have no idea how many seeds one needs.

  4. The reason for the upset, I think, is that this tournament was held during Durantime, here defined as the long and (usually) patient wait between the finish of a tour and the release of a new album. Us Duranies have precious little else to do to show our support. 😀

  5. I agree..don’t think Duran Duran should ever lose, anything, ever!! Thanks for this, lots of fun! But I have to admit, Rick Springfield vs DD was very difficult for me cause I love them both. But in the end, I had to vote for my “wild boys”…

  6. Thanks to the webmaster for all your hard work on this whole thing! It’s been fun watching the evolution and following it all! Love me some Meatloaf but when it comes down to between you and my guys… DD… sorry Mr. Loaf… I could vote for you… and I would do anything for love… but I won’t do that… 🙂

  7. If the Duranies ever hear of a vote, Duran Duran always wins. I think one year we got Entertainment Weekly mad at us for getting Duran Duran to win something or other. See we don’t even remember what it was we were voting for or against as long as they win. Heck, I don’t usually read these things before voting for DD. 🙂

  8. When you ask folks who is your favourite artist/group they will tell you who their favourite artist/group is.
    Ask them who is the biggest sell out is and they’ll tell you who they think the biggest sell out is.
    I really don’t understand what one has to do with the other :S

    The question is who’s the best, and I answer Meat Loaf!

  9. After a while you’ll forget everything
    It was a brief interlude and a midsummer night’s fling
    And you’ll see that it’s time to move on

    I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
    (Votes for Duran Duran while eating a heap-full serving of…

    pizza.) guys are sick minded!

  10. For every song Meatloaf sings you can sing 5 of DD’s… interludes included. Yes, meatloaf wins the hoarding market. However…hey… that what corporate IS about….. well, I call it a close call on that one aspect…good thing DD went out on their own to make their own DD INC….. could have blown this one. LOL

  11. Are u kidding????? DD could not carry Meatloaf’s jock. Holy crap…people have no idea what good music is. Duran Duran has never been anything. LOL this is funny. DD is a joke.

  12. In my day, the 80’s, Duran Duran were a pop group and had nothing to do with rock. Not once did they get onto the rock charts. :-p

    • Guess you guys haven’t bothered to hear DD live then, huh? Given the chance they can ROCK with the best of them!

  13. Duran Duran rock? Bwahahahahahaha!
    Bunch of pussies. There is more ‘rock’ in a small kitten than in the floppy-haired, ludicrously dancing (I mean, Simon Le Bon, what a joke), hairsprayed girlie-boys of fluffy pop.

  14. I like meat loaf music its meaningful and he rocks..Every words of his music has a meaning:)

  15. Still trying to work out where Duran Duran fit into a ROCK themed poll…….on that basis alone there can only be one winner MEATLOAF

  16. Pfft. Hated DD in the 80’s and can’t remember darn thing they did. Liked Meatloaf then, and still like him now.

  17. I’ve had the good fortune of going to quite a few Duran Duran gigs in the last 30 or so years and I can honestly vouch that they mature more and more at every tour.

    I understand the preconception from the ‘Rockers’ here that Duran Duran are not a Rock band. After all they used to wear eye liner, donned frilly outfits with bandanas around their heads and sang songs like ‘Wild Boys’. How on earth can they be put into the same poll as good ol’ Meat?

    Well, Duran Duran have progressed into a trully artistic, live ‘Rock’ band over the years. No, they sound nothing like Meat but I don’t think anybody else sounds like him. I also happen to think nobody else sounds like Duran now. My point is Duran Duran release mainstream ‘pop’ albums and remain at the forefront of what they do best simply because they are innovative and unique. However when they go on the road they can match any ‘Rock’ based band out there because they are perfectionists. Don’t forget their insperations include The Doors, Bowie, T.Rex, Roxy Music, Led Zep and Velvet Underground to name but a few.

    Frankly I’m surprised Duran Duran were outsiders to win this prestigious contest.


  19. had to vote meatloaf as the winner of this sucks more contest. duran duran at least has 1 song that i can tolerate.

  20. Hands Down DURAN DURAN… I can only recall 2 songs from Meatloaf that were popular.. Lets see there’s “The Reflex, Hungry like the Wolf, Save a prayer, Rio, Wild Boys, View to a Kill, Ordinary World, Come Undone etc etc…..

    • Your points raised are valid Samantha…however the headbangers here (i’m not one!) are complaining that Duran Duran are not a rock band so should not be included in the poll? I made a point of my own further up about this but no ones responded so I think we know where we stand on this!

  21. tbh I’m not sure why DD are in this poll as yeah they’re not a rock band as such.
    However as a long standing Duranie of course I would vote for them! :o)