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Tournament of Rock IV: AC/DC vs. Meat Loaf

Rick Springfield tallied the fourth-highest vote total in the the tournament so far, which was good for…40% of the vote. Wow, the Duranies were out in force. If they keep showing up like this Duran Duran is going to be our champion. Still, three matches remain and anything can happen. Onto the semi-finals.

I won’t lie to you – I’m a little surprised that Meat Loaf has made it this far. There’s no questioning his corporate rock credentials, of course, but he’s beaten some artists that I thought for sure would draw more voter love. Shows you what I know. In any case, he’s up against it now.

In the red corner, hailing from the magical land of Oz, please welcome AC/DC!

Their opponent in the blue corner, hailing from the magical land of Dallas, Texas, give it up for Meat Loaf!

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Here’s the up-to-date bracket.

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  1. I can’t believe that Meat Loaf with one great album is seriously ahead of AC/DC, with how many gazillion selling albums? Not saying they are better, but still…

  2. who runs this anyway ? Rick Springfield losing to a pop synth band , now you have ac dc down big to meat loaf . this is a joke !

    • Steve so much more to Duran Duran than synth..They are multi award winning songwriters and performers..They ROCK live, no one can state otherwise, unless they’re spittin out sour grapes that is…