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Tournament of Rock IV: Rick Springfield vs. Duran Duran

We have another nailbiter to report: by a scant three votes, our third quarter-final winner is…AC/DC! Congrats to Eric Clapton, who goes home with our thanks and a copy of the Tournament of Rock home edition.

One more semi-final slot remains to be filled, and both of our contestants have enjoyed strong fan support so far in the tournament. Gentlemen: start your engines!

Up first, here’s Duran Duran with “Save a Prayer,” which I have always felt is one of the greatest videos from the ’80s.

Rick Springfield counters with one of the greatest songs in power pop history.

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Here’s the up-to-date bracket.

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  1. Oh Jesus. Rick Springfield and Duran Duran fans in one place? It’s a good thing there are no weight restrictions on blog posts.

    • It would work! Clearly, you know how loyal we Duranies are. But come on people, there’s no contest here. Duran Duran are the greatest band – EVER!!!!

    • I don’t understand why you say there’s no comparison. Duran Duran has had a great career, but in what way is it that much more significant than Springfield’s?

      • 100 Million albums sold. More than 30 years of making music non-stop. Critical acclaim for their most recent album, for which they just finished a 2 year world tour. Being a driving force in the development of music videos. Top producers still wanting to work with them.

  2. I’ve been a RS fan since 1972 (Beginnings — Speak to the Sky) , but I gotta go with DD on his one

  3. DD is good but legendary …, They have have not had a good album in 27 years . Rick still Rocking” Rick Springfield hands down πŸ™‚

    • Have you heard their 2010 critically acclaimed album All You Need Is Now? They’ve just completed a 20 month sellout world tour on the back of it.. Not to mention Ivor Novello awards,numerous lifetime achievment awards etc. Their album was number 1 worldwide. Download it and listen!

  4. Rick was my first love but I am sorry Duran Duran kicks Rick’s arse!!! Duran Duran has put out way better albums and can out rock him any day. Hands Down…….No Comparison! Love Rick but I will always be a Duranie!!!!!!!

    • Rick all the way! I was never really a DD fan. Rick’s new album ROCKS! The man is still getting it done 40 years later. Not many that can do that. DD is just like a bad flashback lol

      • Erm Duran Duran are live and kicking and selling out shows worldwide after 30 odd years!

  5. it is crazy that people think Duran Duran cam compete with Rick Springfield’s music. DD had several really good songs, but everyone from the age of 10 to 80 knows Jessies Girl. And Rick’s music took a huge hit because he made some money doing a soap opera, and hold that against him musically. Rick would have had at least 10 #1’s on music alone if not for the GH tag. and 40 years later he still has new music that come out in the top 30. If people knew Rick’s music, this would be another win for him.

  6. I wouldn’t say Rick is a 1 hit wonder, but come on… Duran Duran? Rick doesn’t have a chance and neither do any of the other competitors. That’s like putting up the worst college football teams against NFL pros. It’s gonna be a slaughter.

  7. Rick definitely had his stay in the 80’s. Duran Duran continued on to the 90’s 2000’s and beyond….with plenty of accolades in the way. Sorry Rick, you’ll need a lot of Human Touch to get this one….. and I mean clicks ….of course….

  8. Rick Springfield has never stopped recording. If radio would take a chance on someone that is not on a major label. You would see that some of the former stars of the 70’s and 80’s still record some great music. Right now Loverboy, Joe Walsh, Kiss, Asia, ZZ Top, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Lynryd Skynyrd all have new CD’s with great songs on them. You can hear them on Which also did a bracket music fight like this last year and is gonna do it again. It’s called The Super Of Rock N Roll. AC DC won it last year.

    • OMG! That is an awesome website. Listening to it right now.
      Is there a smartphone app for it?

  9. Duran Duran has had 15 top 40 hits , Rick has had 17 . Duran Duran has 5 platinum albums , Rick has 4 . Thats all very close . I think what matter is what have they done in the last 10 years , Rick has had 3 killer studio albums , D.D has tried not even one good song . Just because duran duran is more popular around the world does not make them good or better then anyone . Rick wins . Just listen to the music .

    • Bullcrap Steve Duran Duran released their latest album All You Need Is Now in 2010. It was number 1 worldwide and received massive critical acclaim. Produced by Mark Ronson and they’re getting together to work on their next album this spring.Has Rick won Ivor Novellos, like Duran? Maybe you should download their album and listen to their music.

  10. Rick Springfield was singing before Duran Duran even existed! he is 63 yrs old and still making Albums and touring even spends time with his Fans Rick is legendary! and need to be in Hall of Rock of Fame!

  11. This is a joke. Musically Duran Duran is garbage. Rick is a better songwriter, musician and singer than all of the members of Duran Duran. Throw out the album sales and whatever the critics say and break it down from a strictly musical perspective and it’s no contest

  12. Sorry, but this one’s a no-brainer. Listen to Duran Duran’s last two albums (the atrocious Red Carpet Massacre and All You Need Is Now, which is a sad retread of Rio), then compare them to Rick Springfield’s last two albums (Venus In Overdrive and Songs For The End Of The World). It’s easy to see, and hear, who’s still rocking after all this time. As much as I hate to say it, Duran Duran lost any kind of “rock” in their music when Andy Taylor left the band. Rick Springfield wins this one easily.

      • Thank you for sharing such profound insight in this musical debate, George. The depth of your opinion has moved me in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. The sheer relevance of those two mere words gave me reason to pause and reflect upon the true meaning of this poll. In retrospect, I have come to the firm conclusion that Rick SPRINGFIELD definitely outshines the Duran boys (in a ROCK poll no less). Thank you for strengthening my resolve. I have no doubt now that my vote for Rick SPRINGFIELD was the true and correct one. For that, I will always be grateful. George, you have earned a special place in my heart as a brilliant and eloquent wordsmith. You keep rockin’… or at least try to.

  13. Rick Springfield has sold over 18 million albums. Duran Duran has sold over 100 million. Rick has had 5 top 10 hits in the US, with 1 #1 hit. Duran Duran has had 11 top 10 hits and 2 #1 htis. Duran Duran has incorporated avant garde videos with their music since day 1. Rick … well, he’s been an actor. Rick has been making music since the time the members of Duran Duran were being born; both are still going strong. I think it is clear that, while both contestants are very solid, commercially DD stands head and shoulders above Rick.

  14. Most people would not even have heard of Jessie’s Girl if Rick Springfield was not Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. That aside, it’s nice to know that Rick has continued making music, 40 years is quite an achievement!

    Duran Duran had more top 40 hits in the US in the 80s for all bands except one, Air Supply. They have continued their journey through bailouts, reunions, addictions and recovery. Not all their music was well received by the music industry, who are always looking for something new.

    Looking back, you should understand that bands need to deliver a Liberty or Red Carpet Massacre so you can appreciate the musical genius that comes from a Wedding Album or All You Need is Now.

    Last point, if you want to debate music on the web, you should exclude Duran Duran. There are 62,800,000 hits on Bing when you search on Duran Duran. They are in a class by themselves.

    • Duran Duran had more top 40 hits in the US in the 80s for all bands except one, Air Supply.

      What does that tell us about using top 40 success as a yardstick for the quality of a band?

      • Samuel, it tells us that there is more to measure a band’s worth than top 40 hits. But it is STILL a relevant measure. As is the fact that DD charted in the US in the next two decades (albeit the 2000’s chart success was US Dance chart). That’s probably one of the reasons they won MTV’s Lifetime Achievement Award, not to mention several other similar awards from other organizations. Rick on the other hand … well, according to wiki, the last award he won was in 1982.

        Don’t get me wrong, Rick Springfield is a good musician. But when compared with Duran Duran, not so much.

  15. Rick Springfield was an accomplished musician WAY before he transitioned into acting…and just happened to be a damn good looking guy. As a HUGE Duranie in the 80’s, I can agree that their tunes were catchy, but quite frankly these guys could have been barking through their entire albums and concerts and I would not have noticed. They were strictly eye candy with catchy tunes in my opinion. When the 90’s and 2000’s rolled around, Duran Duran started to put some thought and substance into their lyrics and music. In my opinion, Rick Springfield has been consistent from the 80’s until now. in 2008, Venus In Overdrive debuted on the Billboard Top 100 at #28 when in was released, and it was also one of the Top 10 bestsellers on Amazon for that year. Not a bad showing for a guy who hasn’t won an award since 1982. Neither Duran Duran or Rick Springfield may achieve the same success as they did in year’s past, but both can hold their own in certain areas. In my opinion there is no comparison here – Rick Springfield’s got this one.

  16. Man just listen to Rick Springfield’s new cd songs for the end of the world (2012), He’s been rockin’ before these guys were even born!!! Duran Duran are not even rock music , The closest thing to rock music the ever did was Andy Taylor’s awesome solo album Thunder . They should not even be in this tournament , I don’t care if they have a billion albums sold . I like duran duran a lot but gonna love REO kickin’ there ass next round πŸ™‚

  17. If you want to put up Duran Durans best against Rick’s best and walk away with a win, I disagree, but can live with it. However, if you’re putting that pitiful song I just heard ( for the first time ) up against Jessies Girl and still feel you deserve a win, then theres no point in having this contest, because it is no contest. Rick should win 100% to 0.

  18. i hear if you clear cookies you can vote as many times as you want , this is all pretty lame . some duranies here have way too much time on there hands . i wonder how many times people voted more then once . someone need to make a real challange on facebook where millions can vote once !