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Tournament of Rock IV: AC/DC vs. Phil Collins

Finally, we have a result that we sort of expected: #16 Rick Springfield takes out unseeded Foreigner. The 87%-13% margin is more than we might have anticipated, but Rick’s fans tend to be enthusiastic. We’ll see him in the Great 8, where he will take on Duran Duran.

And now, the final match of the Sweet 16 round: #11 Phil Collins vs. AC/DC, which defeated #6 seed Bryan Adams in the prelims.

Me: Phil Collins is like your accountant got famous. AC/DC is like the burners in shop class got famous. What a choice. I will offer this up as…something. I’m not sure what.

That is the AC/DC wine display at a local liquor store. Let me repeat that: AC/DC wine Pictured here: Back in Black Shiraz and Highway to Hell Cabernet. You couldn’t get more corporate than this if Bill Gates and Carly Fiorina formed a band. It’s a long way to the top if you want to mainstream rock and roll, I guess.

[sigh] Nonetheless, this is still one of the greatest songs in rock history. Rip it up, boys. And I need more bagpipe.

I have no idea how Phil is going to compete with that, but let’s give it our best shot, shall we (with an assist from Philip Bailey).

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Here’s the up-to-date bracket.