Tournament of Rock IV: Foreigner vs. Rick Springfield

The upsets just keep on coming, as #10 Meat Loaf takes out #7 KISS in a sideshow special. Congratulations to the hottest band in the world for making it to the Sweet 16, and we’ll see Loaf in the Great 8, where he’ll face #2 Aerosmith.

Onto our next match, which ought to be a lively one: #16 Rick Springfield vs. the band that took out our top seed in the prelims, Foreigner.

fikshun: Rick Springfield used to be in a soap opera. The same can probably still be said for the members of Foreigner.

Me: When Foreigner sang “I Want to Know What Love Is,” it turns out that Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s hot-blooded video for “Relax” was not the answer they were looking for. I loved their first record, but it’s hard to forgive the homophobia. I mean, what are they, a Christian band? As for Rick, it was hard to forgive the decision to cast Janet Eilber as the love interest in Hard to Hold. But I’ll get over that one. Some day.

First, something old:

And something new. Ish.

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