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Tournament of Rock IV: KISS vs. Meat Loaf

Wow. I predicted Stevie Nicks in a landslide, and I was half right (Duran Duran scoring 59% of the vote constitutes a landslide, right?) Still, that seems unfair to the literally thousands of Stevie fans who showed up to vote and comment. This was the largest turnout in our four ToRs to date, in fact, so congrats to both acts. We’ll see DD again in the quarterfinals, when they take on the winner of the Rick Springfield/Foreigner match.

And now, onward. March Madness fans will tell you that the 7/10 match-up is always a dangerous one, and maybe it will be here, as #7 seed KISS squares off with #10 Meat Loaf.

fikshun: Both are kings of hype and self-promotion. Gene Simmons rocked the small screen in The Avengers prequel.. er…Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. Meat was in Fight Club. Meat was in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even though the latter came out the same year as Kiss Alive!, I’m still not sure if Paul Stanley gave birth to Dr. Frankenfurter’s persona or vice versa. Wow, this is a better match-up than the Dr. Phil/Josef Mengele tilt I’m hoping to see in the afterlife.

Bonesparkle: I always thought Meat Loaf was Bonnie Tyler before the sex change. It is so hard to keep up with you Americans and your pop stars.

Me: This is going to come down to the female vote. Gene Simmons can lick his eyebrows. Meat Loaf can…ummm…is sweat sexy?

Up first, an age-old existential question: why are we here? Well, I was made for loving you, baby. It’s like reading Sartre, isn’t it?

And now, I’d do anything for love, but ewww.

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Here’s the up-to-date bracket.

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  1. MeatLoaf: one fantastic album with several great, unforgettable songs. Songs to get laid in the backseat of a car to.
    Kiss: tons of hugely popular albums, live shows reinvented rock concerts to some extent.
    Much more of a long term impact and influence.
    That said, I hate Kiss, always have. “I wanna rock n ‘roll all night, and party everyday.” Please. Boooooring.
    Yet, Kiss gets my vote over Mr. Loaf (with his one great album) because of their undeniable long lasting impact and contribution to rock.

  2. As much as I like KISS and have recently really gotten into them Meat’s done 12 fantastic albums and has much more of an impact on me so he gets my vote everytime