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Tournament of Rock IV: Bon Jovi vs. Boston

I expected a closer contest, but I overestimated the Van Hagar fanbase, I guess. Regardless, Eric Clapton spanked Van Halen 2.0 pretty soundly, hauling in 72% of the vote. Slowhand moves on to face the winner of the AC/DC-Phil Collins match in the Great 8.

Maybe this faceoff will generate some drama at the polls: it’s the fifth seeded boys who gave love a bad name vs. #12, just another band out of Boston, on the road to try to make ends meet.

fikshun: Some would argue that the Three Mile Island accident was the most toxic disaster to waft across the Eastern seaboard.  I’m not so sure.

Bonesparkle: Bon Jovi has so adroitly shifted and adapted to address the evolving fancy of the marketplace, from hair metal to housewife rock to country, that I find myself praying for polka to make a major comeback. Seriously, can somebody with Photoshopping skills cobble me together a shot of Jon in lederhosen? On a horse or a motorcycle – either way works.

Me: People say Boston kept making the same record over and over. While this is true, at least it was a good record. Peter Cetera kept making the same record over and over, too, and if you don’t get where I’m going with this I can post some videos for you.

Up first, the Pride of Sayreville, New Jersey. (Thank me – I almost posted their cover of “Hallelujah.” But I decided that this was WAY more fun. As in, almost as much fun as watching Billy Squier dance.)

My friends who saw Boston live say this was the highlight of the show.

Click to vote.

Here’s the up-to-date bracket.

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  1. Wow, Runaway is from when I was in high school. Slippery when Wet didn’t come out till later, so you’re digging pretty deep in the Bon Jovi catalog there!

    I voted for Boston.

  2. Bon Jovi, and I’m FROM Boston.
    Not that anyone is asking but, from the Boston area alone I think Aerosmith and J Geils Band are better than Boston.
    Back on topic, I think Bon Jovi had better songs and MORE good songs than Boston.
    Lasted longer too. Hard to imagine people clamoring for Boston to get back together for a relief concert such as Bon Jovi did for 121212 concert at MSG.