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S&R Poetry: “Mother nature is, sometimes, just a guy at a bar giving advice to a friend about meeting a girl for the first time,” by Michael Pacholski

A thing of no ordinary pulse
A thing of adventure in mountains
A thing of love and when you speak of love
a million have spoken your thoughts
vibed your waves and dreamt those
archetype dreams of the urns and embers of
love already but keep going
This thing is your heart and your veins
it is the prick of your ears at her voice
the catch of your eye at the moonlit corner of her smile
It belongs to you laid out like a treasure map
found buried opened up, aired out, smoothed and clarified
with fresh purpose and the sun
of a new uncovered angle of approach
to her soul her curves
and it is you and no nay-sayer who wants
to hold her body her luminous moment
like the petal-fingers of a hundred blue flowers
opened with whispers and caressed with truth
sweetened by this close-by whispering bee


Michael Pacholski was born Jan 31 1968 and began writing the very next day. He has had poems published in Comstock Review, Agni, Every Day Poets, and a little poetry and elsewhere. In 2000 he received a masters degree in Creative Writing from Illinois State University.

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