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Tournament of Rock IV: Aerosmith vs. Bad Company

We finished up the preliminary rounds with a bang. The Eagles forged a big early lead, but tenth-seeded Meat Loaf staged a furious comeback, nipping the Country Rock icons at the wire.

And now we arrive at the Sweet 16. The procedure is simple and relatively painless. You know the artists (unless you’ve just recently arrived on Earth). In the bracket below, you see the band’s seed beside their names, and parentheses (#) indicated that this entry defeated that numbered seed in the prelims.

Think about it, watch a video, then tell us who you like.

Up first: #2 seed Aerosmith takes on Bad Company, which upset #15 seed Alanis Morissette.

fikshun: What’s worse?  Flying down a steep, icy road on roller skates or waiting for hours at the bus stop at the bottom of the hill?  Yeah, this match-up feels kinda like that. Happy effin’ holidays!

Bonesparkle: Bad Company vs. Embaerosmith. Somewhere in here is a clever “bad to worse” joke, isn’t there?

Here’s the boys from Boston.

And now, a word from their opponents.


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  1. I think Paul Rogers is one of the best voices in all rock history, so I’m going with Bad Company. There’s a video called Strat Pack that’s on Netflix, and while overall it’s an uneven experience, Paul Rogers is in top form as is Gary Moore. They blow the house down.