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The day after: taking America's temperature. And you don't even want to know what kind of thermometer we're using.

The election is over. So, how is everyone reacting to the results? As always, my data is tragically unscientific, but it’s occasionally interesting nonetheless. So, let’s check S&R’s stats page.

Aha. Top incoming search terms for Nov. 7, 2012:

  1. secession
  2. socialism for dummies
  3. definition of socialism for dummies
  4. phil collins

That seems about right. Also at #6 we have “not proud to be an american” and at #9 “4 more years of shit.”

Which S&R posts are doing the best traffic today? Some of the more interesting results include:

Also, my three posts in the “what if Obama were white?” series are in the top ten.

Not seeing anything on “kumbayah” or “maybe doubling down on rape and crazy was a bad idea.”

Okay, enough of this. Go vote in the Tournament of Rock, fer fuck’s sake. We’re trying to sort out who’s the greatest corporate rock band in history here.

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  1. Remember the good old days when liberals threatened to move to Canada if Bush won? We’re such a petulant nation, and it’s funny to me that so many take this election stuff seriously enough that they think electing a Democrat or a Republican to the White House will fundamentally alter the nation at this point.

    However, the way ballot measures in the individual states went including gay marriage laws and marijuana initiatives that were not products of politicians and party mandates but people voting directly for government behavior, the angry, old white people searching for secession articles may be feeling a new reality setting in correctly.

    They are out of date, and we mostly are unconcerned with the stupidity that’s of such importance to them. It was lovely to watch the clip of Bill O’Reilly bemoaning his new status as a minority and complaining that people want things. Yeah, Bill, we want things like not having assholes like you tell us how to live our lives … it’s very libertarian of us, actually.

    And i look forward to the even angrier cracker-ass backlash as it devolves over the next four years into a sniveling longing for fascism to protect Whitey, marriage, and a back-asswards ideal of America the Beautiful. (except, of course, that they’re likely to start killing people because they feel it’s their only outlet left)

  2. One of my co-workers who is an outspoken right-wing evangelical xtian, had put grease pencil messages all over his truck windows in the lead up to the election. Things like “Mitt knows the facts” and “Equality of outcome is communism” etc. Well, no sign of the truck in the parking lot for the last two days. Maybe it just broke down. Who knows?