The day after: taking America's temperature. And you don't even want to know what kind of thermometer we're using.

The election is over. So, how is everyone reacting to the results? As always, my data is tragically unscientific, but it’s occasionally interesting nonetheless. So, let’s check S&R’s stats page.

Aha. Top incoming search terms for Nov. 7, 2012:

  1. secession
  2. socialism for dummies
  3. definition of socialism for dummies
  4. phil collins

That seems about right. Also at #6 we have “not proud to be an american” and at #9 “4 more years of shit.”

Which S&R posts are doing the best traffic today? Some of the more interesting results include:

Also, my three posts in the “what if Obama were white?” series are in the top ten.

Not seeing anything on “kumbayah” or “maybe doubling down on rape and crazy was a bad idea.”

Okay, enough of this. Go vote in the Tournament of Rock, fer fuck’s sake. We’re trying to sort out who’s the greatest corporate rock band in history here.

Young voters ask: What enthusiasm gap?

The term “enthusiasm gap” got thrown around a lot this election cycle, particularly with regards to young voters. The 24 news media waxed poetic about how the magic of Obama’s first term hadn’t panned out, and how an apathetic youth vote wasn’t going to do him any favors this election cycle.

I disagree – I think our enthusiasm (I say “our” because I too am part of the “youth vote”) was more cautious, more quiet, but just as present, this cycle. There was urgency to the youth vote, and the encouragement for young people to vote was unparalleled.

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