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On Nov. 6, I'll vote for a liar for president

No matter how I try to rationalize it, I’m going to vote for a liar for president of the United States. And, no matter how I try to ignore history, I realize that I likely have always voted for a liar for virtually any political office.

I do not know anyone who has not told a lie. Size and intent of the lie does not matter; lies are lies. I know that lies come in a variety of shades, some of which have become socially acceptable. Honey, does this dress make my ass look fat? A man who answers no lies to protect the dignity of the woman. Oh, don’t worry about those few extra pounds. You still look hot to me. The woman who says that protects the frail ego of a man. When the pet rabbit dies, mom or dad tells little Bobby I’m sure Hoppy went to heaven.

We lie to protect the feelings of others. But we still lie, because we know absolute truth corrodes relationships.

But politicians lie to manipulatively establish and maintain relationships. Lies fertilize the ground on which campaigns are constructed. Candidates at all levels of politics lie, cheat, and deceive. Google “political lies” and explanations of why they lie abound.

Politicians lie for one seriously egregious reason. The lie: I’m running for office to bring real solutions to the American people. The truth: I want to achieve status and power. Then, if I can help the people — especially those who helped me buy my way to status and power — I’ll do so. A few decades ago, particularly odiferous political lies were usually caught by the press, reported by same, and produced revulsion in the electorate. Ask Richard Nixon.

But not so much now. We longer believe truth is possible in political campaigns. The sheer volume of corporate-supported advertising bearing lies, falsehoods, prevarications, deceptions, and context-free “facts” has inured the electorate. After all, candidates in many deceptive ads say, I approved this message. They have permitted lies in their names. So we expect lies. Lies become Truth-Lite™, what candidates believe we want to hear rather than what we need to hear.

The press has been complicit in fostering the staggering growth in political deceit: As media critics have noted, journalists have often focused on who’s lying more effectively rather than correcting the discursive record distorted by lies — the new post-truth journalism. Add the notion that the electoral audience is now firmly camped in an endless electronic chat room less reliant on “gatekeepers.”

The methods of lying have become the news and the fodder of pundits — not the lies themselves. That’s made lying by politicians easier. It has allowed politicians to lie with far more sophistication and not be corrected on the record. Consider the emergence of false equivalence — the tendency fostered by the political press that “objectivity” is a function of “balance,” that “both sides do it all the time.”

The invention of issues by pundits has created discourse that isn’t grounded in reality in the first place — so lies fill the void, and they’re effective if the pundits have ingratiated themselves with an audience eager to be lied to. It’s called motivating the political base. Lying to the already converted — those resistant to reason and cordoned off by ideological choice from rhetorical reality — is highly effective modern political practice.

The modern media universe of celebrity and “tell all” journalism has not made lying less profitable. No lie is too large to halt the deluge of money from donors. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised and given to politicians who lie. Therefore, politicians have permission to lie even more.

If lying has no significant political cost (although Sen. Gary Hart’s lie cost him his chance for the presidency), then lies beget more lies. Information becomes disinformation and misinformation. The public square has no shared factual commitments essential to honest discourse. Lying has eroded our ability to assess the moral compasses of our politicians. Are we now stuck with determining who lies less as the new standard for electability rather than who utters truth?

When it comes to our two presidential candidates, even the fact-checkers, it seems, cannot agree on which man lies most.

They both lie. So no matter which one I support, I will be supporting a liar.

Would someone please explain to me what we gain by having liars in the White House, Congress, and the statehouses of America?

h/t to my fellow Scrogues who allowed me to steal their ideas.

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  1. I’ve been very disenchanted by our politicians too. I’m sick of having to choose a “lesser of two evils”. I’m sick of politicians being bought out by corporations and special interests (on both sides). It seems like if you want the job, then you should automatically be disqualified for the job. :-/ I’m not sure what the solution would be though. Having all government offices being chosen via lottery system, and if you are selected, you have to serve?

    • Mandatory service for all in all positions of government, from local all the way up. Once you served in a position you’ll never serve in that position again. Eliminate the ‘electoral process’ altogether – if you’re a citizen of at least average intelligence and education, then you serve your term when your time comes up.

      It would take many pages to detail this out for everybody, but I think if you think about the general idea, you can discern the rest.

  2. For me, Denny, as I’ve indicated elsewhere, it’s the inuring of the public to lies via talk radio (and its descendants the blog site – yikes – and “faux news” sites that obscure the difference between fact and opinion. So when real issues/threats/problems arise, people can’t tell the serious from the trivial, the dangerous from the mildly irritating, good from evil, truth from lies.

    And this may just kill this species….

    • yep! me too! or maybe Rocky Anderson.
      This election is such a shame. There will be no benefit unless there is a ” none of the above” vote.

  3. Do me a favor, don’t ever utter the word Flip Flopper at another Democratic candidate like it matters again. You draw a nice false equivilancy in order to relive your conscience as you make what will be the worst decision of your life. And Gary Hart, come on. Romney changes his “positions” hourly. That is happening here and now and not 30 years ago!

    And if it makes any difference to any other dinosaurs who even remember who Donna Rice is, know that she’s voting for Obama.