Moby Dick Big Read

Now that the nights are getting longer, darker, and colder, here’s the perfect thing: a reading of Moby Dick, all 136 chapters—Moby Dick Big Read. This is not the 24-hour marathon reading that the charming New Bedford Whaling Museum organizes every year to welcome in the New Year. This is a more ambitious project, organized by author Philip Hoare (whose Leviathan, or The Whale was published to some acclaim a couple of years ago) and artist Angela Cockayne, in conjunction with Plymouth University. It’s a web-based reading, with a new chapter appearing every day.

Fortunately, the old ones are still up there, so you can catch up. Each day, each new chapter has a new reader, and a new artwork accompanying the reading. Splendid—Melville would be appreciative.

Whaling graphic: Rockwell Kent

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