Mayors call for end to NHL lockout

I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, but I’m 100% down with him on this one.

DENVER — Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined mayors and city leaders whose cities host National Hockey League teams across the country to call for the NHL owners and players to return to the bargaining table and end the lockout.

“This is about more than hockey. Our communities invest in our NHL teams, and our local businesses depend on NHL seasons. This is about our small business owners and middle-class workers: restaurateurs, hotel managers, concession workers and fans. It’s about the vitality and economic stability of our communities,” Mayor Hancock said.

In a normal season, more than 15,000 people come to downtown Denver 41 times a year for an Avalanche game.  If each person spends $50 outside their ticket price, canceling those games has an estimated economic impact of $31.8 million per season on downtown Denver’s economy.

Hizzoner joins mayors from other NHL cities in urging both sides to get back to the table and work out a deal. While I’m good with this in principle, I think in truth they’d be better off calling the league office directly and asking to speak with Mr. Bettman…

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  1. Yes they do need to end this lock-out! We’re going to the area around the Verizon Center in DC tomorrow night (which was supposed to be the Caps season opener) to support the local establishments. Also, I just really want to watch hockey!