Obama administration needs to take on Facebook and Google: cybersecurity under the COPPA cabana

It came to my attention looking through my own Facebook Timeline that children being born right now could very well have their entire lives documented online – from birth, if their parents have accounts and upload photos of them. And it brought up a few thoughts: one, what a colossal bummer it would be to have your awkward stage documented for hundreds of people to see; and two, how children are growing up online now and need security.

The Obama administration made its mark as a campaign of technology, and as such they’ve made it a point to take on issues of broadband coverage and cybersecurity in legislation. But their latest set of changes has a hurdle to jump – and it’s not Congressional gridlock or stubborn Republicans. For maybe the first time, the Obama administration has to take on a force that helped win the election in the first place.

They have to take on Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading

Two steps that are guaranteed to eliminate diving in soccer

ESPN FC blogger Roger Bennett today asks an important question: Is diving ruining the game of football? It’s impossible to deny that flopping is rampant, in England and elsewhere, and it’s equally difficult to argue that it’s having no damaging impact on the game. Outcomes are routinely altered because a skilled diver hoodwinks a referee at a crucial moment, and worse, when the refs get cynical enough about all the “simulation” going on that they disregard an actual foul that should have been a penalty.  Continue reading