Forget hardened prisoners and corrupt guards; the real thugs in the penal system are the corporate executives

Let’s see, what have we here? Private prison corporation executives: check. Abusive husband: check. Witness tampering: check. Threats to use political clout to have abused spouse deported if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut about being slapped around: check.

Wow. Some highlights.

Boulder County jury finds high-level prison exec engaged in ‘outrageous conduct’

– Verdict against GEO Group senior VP Thomas Wierdsma stems from domestic abuse case involving son, daughter-in-law

Beatrix Szeremi just wanted the abuse to stop.

For more than a year, Szeremi said she had endured multiple drunken beatings, a near drowning in a bathtub, and an attempted suffocation with a pillow — all at the hands of her husband, Charles Wierdsma. Continue reading

Washington Post breaks media lockstep on Israel and Iran

It becomes more and more difficult to pretend that Israel doesn’t have a nuclear-weapons program and that Iran does.

The United States seems to devote less energy to developing a constructive solution to what’s been called the Iran nuclear standoff than it does to convincing Israel it will attack Iran if push (however imagined) comes to shove. At the New York Times, David Sanger and Eric Schmitt wrote on Monday (Sept. 3):

One other proposal circulating in Washington, advocated by some former senior national security officials, is a “clandestine” military strike, akin to the one Israel launched against Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007. It took weeks for it to become clear that site had been hit by Israeli jets, and perhaps because the strike was never officially acknowledged by Israel, and because its success was so embarrassing to Syria, there was no retaliation. Continue reading