5280 Lens Mafia launches: if you appreciate photography, give it a look

Scholars & Rogues would like to introduce everyone to our new sister site, 5280 Lens Mafia, a photo blog that officially launches today. Those of you who have been around awhile will recognize some of the principals.

  • Dr. Denny, one of S&R’s founders, turns out to be a master of the macro lens.
  • Denver shooter Greg Thow has been featured here several times in recent months.
  • Kelly Bearden has posted here, as well, and some of you may remember her remarkable “Eye of God” series.
  • Tom Yulsman of the University of Colorado’s Center for Environmental Journalism is another friend of the site who has published on climate concerns. Turns out he’s a fantastic nature photographer with an eye for Colorado’s natural beauty.
  • There’s our old friend Stuart O’Steen, who these days spends more time producing really impressive video, but whom we’ve talked into sharing his still work.
  • Then there’s new friend Manuela Marin Salcedo, a former student of Denny’s who’s working on her Masters in photojournalism at Syracuse.
  • Greg Stene has been inflicting his unique perspective on the world around him for decades, although we think he was probably far less warped before he spent two years in the late 1990s living with Denny and me.
  • As of last night, Dan Ryan has agreed to join us, as well. If you didn’t see his “Tokyo in the Underbrush” series, you ought to. It’s remarkable.
  • And as of this morning, Andrea Frantz has signed on. Last year she did a couple of wonderful photoessays here at S&R – one on Ireland and another on Iowa.
  • Perhaps best of all for folks who have been around S&R for awhile, we’ve recruited our old staff photographer Dawn Farmer, who was easily one of our most popular posters here before striking out to pursue other interests.
  • I tag along, as well – I’m a n00b photographer, but I’m learning.

I invite you to click over and see what we’re up to (we’ve actually been posting and testing and fine-tuning for a couple of weeks, so there are plenty of nice shots waiting for you even though it’s only day one). If you like what you see:

  • bookmark us and visit regularly;
  • follow us on Facebook;
  • follow us on Twitter;
  • there are links at the top and bottom of the home page allowing you to sign up for e-mail notifications of new posts;
  • and by all means, tell your friends about us.

My personal goal is fairly simple: I want 5280 Lens Mafia to become the Scholars & Rogues of photo blogs. The formula is the same – find great people, then get out of their way.

I hope you enjoy it. And what heck – how about a sneak peak?

Image Credit: Storm, by Greg Thow