WTF: handcuffed man's death a suicide?

Back when I was younger there was a story going around about Uganda’s batshit crazy thug dictator, Idi Amin. It said that one of his wives had been found hacked into 13 pieces and stuffed into the trunk of a car. The verdict: “a clear-cut case of suicide.” I can find no evidence that this ever actually happened, but Amin was just insane enough for it to seem possible.

Which brings us to today’s most intriguing headline: Autopsy: Death of handcuffed man in Ark. a suicide.

Wait, what?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A man whose hands were cuffed behind him in the back seat of an Arkansas patrol car shot himself in the right temple with a handgun he apparently concealed from arresting officers, according to an autopsy report released Monday that listed the death as a suicide.

The state crime lab report, signed by three medical examiners, said the muzzle of a gun was placed against Chavis Carter’s head when it was fired. Jonesboro police released the report to The Associated Press and other news organizations under a Freedom of Information Act request.

The report said the manner of death was ruled a suicide based on autopsy findings and investigative conclusions from the Jonesboro police department.

“He was cuffed and placed into a police car, where apparently he produced a weapon, and despite being handcuffed, shot himself in the head,” the report said. Chief Medical Examiner Charles P. Kokes did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

Oh, Arkansas. Okay, that explains a lot. But still, what the motherfuck?

Wikipedia tells us that Amin has been dead since 2003. But I can’t help noticing that you never saw him and this “Kokes” guy together.

Just saying…

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  1. Clearly the man was a relative of Elastigirl. How else did he reach a handgun that the frisking missed while handcuffed and bend his arms around to put it to his own head?

    I’m not sure the arresting officer(s) were smart enough to be cops. And Kokes certainly isn’t if he thought that his report wasn’t going to be caught. Or maybe they all thought that the Good Ole Boy network was going to protect them all.

  2. On the chance that my hunch was wrong, I did a Google image search—and it validated my hunch: that Carter was young and black. Which is just a coincidence, right?