NCAA throws the book at Penn State Caltech #WTF

While the rest of the world is blowing up Twitter over the just-announced NCAA near-death penalty sanctions against Penn State, another bit of high-profile big money college sports cheating bustage is flying under the radar. Yep. Caltech is in hot water, too.

In an announcement as stunning as the ones that brag about a professor discovering the secrets of the universe, Caltech said this week it has joined the likes of USC and Ohio State in NCAA jail by being placed on three-years’ athletic probation.

Not only that, the school will be vacating all of the wins from its baseball team’s recent 0-112 run and the same goes for its men’s water polo team, which will vacate all the wins during its 0-66 streak.

No, this isn’t another of Caltech’s famed pranks. This is actually happening. Seriously, go read the article.

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  1. Well, a serious athlete who takes the AD job at Caltech would have to have a sense of humor, so it figures.