The rose garden

By Greg Stene

As a long-time shooter and advertising copywriter, I really do not like visual cliches. Everything in me says I should look to create something new. And photos of flowers are not new. But in looking at the shots I took recently at Portland’s Rose Garden and viewing them at 100% for editing purposes, I saw that smaller sections of the whole became something completely different. Viewing the flower was transformed into another kind of experience. And that change in meaning is what these images are about.  They have little to do with flowers anymore.

The Journey


The Yelling Night

Scraping Fingers

The Alice Hole

Folded in Comforters in Winter

Sacred Eye

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  1. Fell down the “Alice hole” that these photos presented. Time well spent. Beautiful work.

  2. Sublime photos – love the level of detail, the captivating colors and forms, the titles. Brilliant! Would be the centerpiece for any wall or studio.