A star is born

Our real photographer, the estimable Lisa Wright, is on vacation, so I ventured out last night, new camera in hand, to see if I could capture something vaguely interesting for our readers. As luck would have it, they were showing A Star is Born, the 1937 classic starring Janet Gaynor, on the lawn in front of the old Elitch Gardens Theater.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. And Lisa, hurry back.

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    • I appreciate the kind words, but it was such a cool scene and I know I’m not doing it justice. I’d love to see what Lisa or Greg Thow would have done with it. Still, I’m having fun learning. Give me a year or two….

    • Brian – yeah, I’m having fun playing with the new wide-angle. I suspect that it’s going to be the go-to for a lot of what I want to shoot. The cool pictures in my head always seem to be wide-screen and cinematic.