Republicans destroy middle class, but of course blame Obama (with the media's help)

There is the old adage about “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Well, one such canard is making the rounds this morning courtesy of Bloomberg. The buzz is all about the chart on the right, which purports to show how the Obama administration has destroyed all the wealth built up in the last forty years by the middle class. Of course, that’s the not what it shows at all.

When he gets to hell, Bill Gates will have to answer for the fact that he put the software tools to create official looking charts in the hands of cretins.

Here’s what that chart really shows. It shows that wealth grew during 1962 to 1983, a time when the government was primarily in Democratic hands, leveled out between 1983 and 1995, when we had mostly Republican presidents, grew again from 1995 to 2007 during Clinton and the first part of George Bush’s presidency. Ahhh, but here’s where the graphic gets very tricky. By jumping over 2008 and using 2010, it makes it look like Obama is the Great Destroyer. In fact, of course, that drop really occured in 2008/9, the last year of the Bush regime.

If this were an honest graph, we’d see what we all know: Republicans consistently implement policies that advantage the rich at the expense of the middle class. Instead, we see what we all know: That the media not only refuses to call the Republicans out on this, but they are complicit in the lie.

I would write more but I have to go weed my garden. Damn Obama. There weren’t any dandelions until he got elected.

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  1. Bloomberg see success in stirring the pot. “See, we got a reaction”, not “this chart, sent by Karl or other minions is crap”.

    Capturing the truth is putting whatever drivel suits and repeating it endlessly.