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S&R 701 Final Exam, Spring Semester 2012

Watch the two TED talks below. The question, which represents 100% of your final grade, follows.

First, Nick Hanauer in 2012.

Now, Peter Weyland in 2023.

From a technocultural and political economic perspective, very little changes in the course of a decade. Discuss.

Be thorough. Provide examples.

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  1. I can only think of three relevant TED talks in the history of the series. These are two of them. The rest fall under the heading of “in the future, we were promised jet packs” or “I’m a shallow yuppie who just discovered values”. While, execution-wise, it’s far from the best, I’m surprised TED found it so hard to publish the Nick Hanauer talk. Were they really so afraid to hit the nail on the head?